Fitment: Maybe

Omix-Ada 17435.01 Oil Filter Bracket

Part Number: 17435.01

Oil Filter Bracket 134 CI with L-Head;41-45 MB;41-45 GPW;45-49 CJ2A;48-53 CJ3A;50-52 M38;46-49 Truck..


Fitment: Maybe

Omix-Ada 17436.16 Oil Filter

Part Number: 17436.16

Oil Filter 2.8L Diesel 2005-2006 Jeep Liberty KJ by Omix-ADAApplication Summary:2005 Jeep Liberty..


Fitment: Maybe

Omix-Ada 17436.17 Oil Filter

Part Number: 17436.17

Oil Filter 4.7 5.7 6.1L 2008-2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee WK by Omix-ADAApplication Summary:2008-2010 Je..


Fitment: Maybe

Omix-Ada 17436.18 Oil Filter

Part Number: 17436.18

Oil Filter; Jeep Grand Cherokee WK 3.0L Diesel 2005 and 2007-2011Application Summary:2005-2009 Jeep ..


Fitment: Maybe

Omix-Ada 17436.19 Oil Filter

Part Number: 17436.19

Oil Filter; Jeep Grand Cherokee WK 3.7L 2009-2010; Liberty KK 3.7L 2009-2010Application Summary:2009..


Fitment: Maybe

Omix-Ada 17436.21 Oil Filter 2.4L

Part Number: 17436.21

Oil Filter For 07-10 Jeep Compass and Patriot 2.4L by Omix-ADAApplication Summary:2007-2010 Jeep Com..


Fitment: Maybe

Omix-Ada 17436.22 Oil Filter

Part Number: 17436.22

This oil filter element from Omix-ADA fits 08-10 Jeep Liberty and 07-18 Wrangler with the 2.8L diese..


Fitment: Maybe

Omix-Ada 17436.24 Oil Filter

Part Number: 17436.24

This oil filter from Omix-ADA fits the 3.0L; 3.2L and 3.6L engine found in 14-18 Jeep Cherokee; 14-1..


Fitment: Maybe

Omix-Ada 17436.41 Oil, Air, & Cabin Fi..

Part Number: 17436.41

This oil; air; and cabin filter kit from OMIX-ADA fit 12-13 3.6L Jeep Wrangler JK.Application Summar..


Fitment: Maybe

Omix-Ada 17436.42 Oil, Air & Cabin Fil..

Part Number: 17436.42

This air; oil; and cabin filter kit from OMIX-ADA fits 14-18 3.6L Jeep Wrangler JKApplication Summar..


Fitment: Maybe

Omix-Ada 17439.10 Oil Pan Gasket

Part Number: 17439.10

Oil Pan Gasket 3.7L 2002-2011 Jeep Liberty By Omix-ADAApplication Summary:2006-2007 Jeep Commander; ..


Fitment: Maybe

Omix-Ada 17436.15 Oil Filter

Part Number: 17436.15

Oil Filter 3.1L Diesel 1999-2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ by Omix-ADAApplication Summary:1968 Jeep CJ5..


Fitment: Maybe

Omix-Ada 17436.14 Canister Style Oil Filte..

Part Number: 17436.14

This canister-style oil filter element from Omix-ADA fits 54-65 Willy station wagons and pickups wit..


Fitment: Maybe

Omix-Ada 17436.13 Oil Filter

Part Number: 17436.13

Oil Filter 3.7L 2002-2007 Jeep Liberty KJ by Omix-ADAApplication Summary:2002-2005 Jeep Liberty..


Fitment: Maybe

Omix-Ada 17436.01 Oil Filter, 134CI L-Head

Part Number: 17436.01

C-4 Military Type Oil Filter 134 L and F-Head 1941-1971 Willys MB; CJ2A M38 and M38A1 by Omix-ADAApp..


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