Fitment: Universal

Draw-Tite 58365 Replacement Part

Part Number: 58365

Handle Kit; For Hide-A-Goose Head PN[9460/9461/9464/9470/9471/9474];Replaces handle for Hide-A-Goose..


Fitment: Universal

Draw-Tite 58366 Replacement Part

Part Number: 58366

Trim Ring; For Hide-A-Goose Head PN[9460 And 9461];Replacement plastic Draw-Tite trim ring for Hide..


Fitment: Universal

Draw-Tite 58374 Ultra Frame Accessory

Part Number: 58374

Crosstube End Caps; For Weld Together Service Body Truck Receiver; 2 Pack;Black plastic crosstube en..


Fitment: Universal

Draw-Tite 58381 Hole Saw

Part Number: 58381

Hole Saw; 3 1/2 in.; For Hide-A-Goose;Drill bits and hole saws are especially selected to best suit ..


Fitment: Universal

Draw-Tite 58384 Gooseneck Template

Part Number: 58384

Hole Saw; For Folding Gooseneck PN[83391/83399];Stainless steel cutting template for Fold Down insta..


Fitment: Universal

Draw-Tite 58388 Trailer Hitch Pin and Clip

Part Number: 58388

Trailer Hitch Pin and Clip; Super Titan; 3/4 in. Hitch Pin and Clip for 3 in. Receivers;Trailer Hitc..


Fitment: Universal

Draw-Tite 58389 Replacement Part

Part Number: 58389

Magnetic Cover; For Hide-A-Goose Gooseneck;Magnetic cover hides Draw-Tite Hide-A-Goose hitch heads...


Fitment: Universal

Draw-Tite 58431 Trailer Hitch Ball Reducer..

Part Number: 58431

Trailer Hitch Ball Reducer Bushing; W/ Collar; Reduces 2-1/2 in. to 2 in. ;Trailer Hitch Ball Reduce..


Fitment: Universal

Draw-Tite 63015 Pintle Hook

Part Number: 63015

Pintle Hook; 15 Ton Regular Pintle Hook [Inc. Grade 8 Hardware] Rating 30000 lbs. [GTW] 6000 lbs. [V..


Fitment: Universal

Draw-Tite 63016 Pintle Hook

Part Number: 63016

Pintle Hook; 30 Ton Regular Pintle Hook [Hardware Included] Rating 60000 lbs. [GTW] 14000 lbs. [VL];..


Fitment: Universal

Draw-Tite 63033 Replacement Part-Lunette H..

Part Number: 63033

Lunette Hardware; Mounting Hardware Kit for 4 Bolt Flange Lunette Ring PN #63023;Lunette Hardware..


Fitment: Universal

Draw-Tite 63040 Pintle Hook Combination

Part Number: 63040

Pintle Hook Combination; w/1-7/8 in. Ball; 2 in. Sq. Solid Shank; Hook Rating 12000 lbs.; Black;Pin..


Fitment: Universal

Draw-Tite 63041 Pintle Hook Combination

Part Number: 63041

Pintle Hook Combination; w/2 in. Ball; 2 in. Sq. Solid Shank; Hook Rating 12000 lbs.; Black;Pintle..


Fitment: Universal

Draw-Tite 63042 Pintle Hook Combination

Part Number: 63042

Pintle Hook Combination; w/2-5/16 in. Ball 2 in. Sq. Solid Shank; Hook Rating 12000 lbs.; Black;Pint..


Fitment: Universal

Draw-Tite 63043 Pintle Hook

Part Number: 63043

Pintle Hook; 5 Ton Receiver Mount Pintle Hook; 2 in. Sq. Solid Shank; Rating 10000 lbs. [GTW]; 2000 ..


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